Since 2002, Jared Gradinger has been working as a dancer, choreographer, actor, director, curator, dramaturg and teacher in Berlin and abroad. He moved to Berlin to create a piece with Argentinian choreographer Constanza Macras. The piece premiered in Berlin's Tanz Im August festival and was so critically acclaimed he stayed in Berlin to continue working with Macras. Since then, Gradinger has been the protagonist in over 8 major works of Constanza Macras/Dorky Park the company which he co-founded with Macras and others. Dorky Park has toured all of their pieces throughout the world.
Parallel to working with the Dorky Park, Gradinger formed a strong relation with Pictoplasma (curators for contemporary character design). This collaboration brought forth 3 stage works for their internationally acclaimed festivals, as well as numerous character interventions and performative happenings throughout Europe.
In 2008, he he shifted his focus to develop his work independently and through other collaborations. 2008 was a very big year for Gradinger. He started his long term collaboration with Bessie award winning choreographer Jeremy Wade as a performer, collaborator and dramaturg, which is still in full force. He also began his collaboration with Les Grandes Traversees in Bordeaux where he curated a three part festival for Bordeaux and its neighboring regions over the course of three years. He geared these festivals toward making art accessible to the community through different temporal forms and locations.
In 2009, he began his current collaborative work with Angela Schubot. There first duet, what they are instead of, began their search for the debordering of the body, seeking new forms of coexistence. Since 2009, they have created four major works together which are all still touring internationally today. is maybe in collaboration with U.S. street artist Mark Jenkins, All my holes are theirs with Canadian video artist Aleesa Cohene and i hope you die soon.
In the 4 years of their collaboration Gradinger/Schubot have developed a unique movement language of extreme physicality, utmost intimacy, fragility and radicalness which is circling around the question: How can we coexist? In their pieces, they are trying to dissolve identities and reach other forms of coexistence. 'I saw in the two of them rather two creatures existing, far from every form of consciousness, individuality or rationality, entirely concentrated on the physical functions of the body which are movement and breath; no longer knowledge of being a man or a woman, only worried about keeping up functions life-sustaining functions.' Elisabeth Nehring, Deutschland Radio Kultur. They have played their work in numerous festivals and theaters including fImpulsTanz Vienna, Tanz im August Berlin and Jose Limon Festival Mexico just to name a few. Together they are supported and produced at the Hebbel am Ufer as well as the Sophiensaele.
In 2011, Jared was named performer of the year for his work with Schubot, as well as William Forsythe, Meg Stuart and Constanza Macras.
Currently he is touring all of the works with Schubot. Their body of work has been received with such enthusiasm that they have been asked to create a retrospective of their work in Hebbel am Ufer one of the most prestigious theaters in Europe. Aside from Schubot and Wade he has a long standing collaboration with Jill Emerson, Rahel Savoldelli and contemporary artists Rachel De Joode.

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Jared Gradinger is performer, creator and curator based in Berlin since 2002. Awarded performer of the year 2011 by Tanz Magazine. He is a founding member of Constanza Macras/Dorky Park with whom he has created such pieces as Mir 3, Back to the Present, Scratch, Big in Bombay, I'm Not The Only One, Brickland and others. His latest work was in collaboration with Jeremy Wade for the solo There is no end to more commissioned by the Japan Society. In 2008, he created the piece 'Private Dancer' in the City Theater of Reykjavik in collaboration with Panic Productions. He has an on going relationship with Pictoplasma (Contemporary Character Design) for whom he has staged and choreographed 'Get into Character' in the Haus Der Berliner Festspiele in 2006, created a workshop for the Comic Meets Character Festival in the Thalia Theater in Halle, the duet with Angela Schubot/TwoFish for the Pictopia Festival in the Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt called 'What they are instead of' and choreographed 'The Missing Link Show' in the Völksbuhne 2011. In 2008, he began a collaboration with Les Grandes Traversees in Bordeaux, France where he curated a 48 hour festival of contemporary art for the New Year called 'How Do You Are'. The festival was a gathering of over 60 international artists of all mediums and was presented in the CAPC, Base Sous Marine and Gallery Cortex Athletico. In July of 2009, he launched the second part of the festival entitled 'How Do You Are Beach' in Royan, France and its neighboring towns, and the third part 'How Do You Are: There Goes The Neighborhood', a parkour of of commissioned site-specific work in Bordeaux, December, 2009. He is the artist in residence at a new space in Berlin called Remedy. In 2011 he premiered IS MAYBE in HAU1 with Angela Schubot in collaboration with Mark Jenkins. He continues to work with Angela Schubot in the form of pieces, workshops, collaborations and touring internationally.
Jared has worked with artists such as William Forsythe, Michel Laub, Magon, Paul Notzold, Mark Jenkins, John Zorn, Hanayo, Nir De Volff/ Total Brutal, Ami Garmon, Discoteka Flaming Star, Jill Emerson, Rahel Savoldelli, Meg Stuart, Jeremy Wade, Finger Six and Mark Levine. His video work has been presented in Canada, Israel, South Korea, Iceland and throughout Europe.

Jared Gradinger ist Performer, Regisseur und Kurator und lebt seit 2002 in Berlin. genannter Performer des Jahres 2011 bei Tanz Magazine. Er gehört zu den Gründern von Constanza Macras/Dorky Park und war u.a. an den Produktionen „Mir 3", „Back to the Present", „Scratch", „Big in Bombay", „I'm Not The Only One" und „Brickland" beteiligt. 2008 erarbeitete er gemeinsam mit Panic Productions das Stück „Private Dancer" am Stadttheater Reykjavik. Er pflegt enge Beziehungen zu Pictoplasma (Contemporary Character Design), für die er 2006 „Get into Character" im Haus der Berliner Festspiele auf die Bühne brachte, einen Workshop für das Festival Comic Meets Character am Thalia Theater Halle leitete, mit Angela Schubot/Two Fish beim Pictopia Festival am Haus der Kulturen der Welt das Stück „What they are instead of" schuf und im Volksbühne der "Missing Link Show" (2011) choreografiert. 2008 begann eine Zusammenarbeit mit Les Grandes Traversees in Bordeaux (F), wo er zum Neuen Jahr ein 48-Stunden-Festival mit zeitgenössischer Kunst, „How Do You Are", kuratierte. Dafür kamen über 60 internationale Künstler/innen aller Genres zusammen und zeigten ihre Arbeiten bei CAPC, Base Sous Marine und Gallery Cortex Athletico. Im Juli 2009 eröffnete er den zweiten Teil des Festivals, „How Do You Are Beach", in Royan (F) und umliegenden Städten, im Dezember 2009 den dritten Teil „How Do You Are: There Goes The Neighborhood" ein zeitgenössischer Kunst-Parcours, wieder in Bordeaux. 2009 begann die Zusammenarbeit mit Jeremy Wade; es entstand das Solo „There is no end to more”. Er war Regieassistent von Constanza Macras bei „Sure...Shall We Talk About It" und „Pergarle a la Bolsa" in Cordoba (ARG) und hat gemeinsam mit ihre zahlreiche Workshops geleitet. Er arbeitet in Berlin mit dem Hebbel Am Ufer, Sophiensaele und Ballhaus Ost. er ist der Künstler im Residenz 2012 für einen neuen Raum, der REMEDY genannt wird. Er setzt seine Zusammenarbeit mit Angela Schubot in Form von Stücken, Werkstätten und Zusammenarbeiten fort.
Jared hat u.a. mit William Forsythe, Michel Laub, John Zorn, Hanayo, Nir De Volff/Total Brutal, Ami Garmon, Discoteka Flaming Star, Mark Jenkins, Masagon, Paul Notzold/txtual healing, Jill Emerson, Rahel Savoldelli, Meg Stuart, Jeremy Wade, Finger Six und Mark Levine zusammengearbeitet. Seine Videoarbeiten sind in Kanada, Israel, Südkorea und Europa gezeigt worden.