Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot first worked together in 2002 under the direction of Constanza Macras in the production Mir 3: Endurance, as well as Scratch/Neuköln (2003) and Brickland (2007). Already in these productions they discovered a strong connection and common interest in purely physical yet very dynamic movement languages. They became fast friends and started to combine these physical practices with philosophical and even esoteric discourse.
'What they are instead of' (2009) was their first full length production where they began their research of the dissolution of self and their search for what lies beyond intimacy. Their extreme physical practice is their starting point for transforming thought into movement. 'What they are instead of' premiered in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt during Pictoplasma's 'Contemporary Character Design festival: Pictopia'. As well, the piece was presented in the Deutsche Tanzplattform 2010, Tanz im August/Sommerbar, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Dancehouse Melbourne among others. Because of the versatile nature of the piece, 'What they are instead of' has been presented in site specific locations, galleries, performance parties and is continuing to tour internationally including in Hermosillo, Mexico, Montevideo and Stockholm. Their latest work IS MAYBE was a collaboration with street artist Mark Jenkins that premiered in the Hebbel am Ufer Hau 1 Berlin in June 2011. IS MAYBE is a continuation of the search for 'identitylessness' and the symbiotic body. IS MAYBE breaks the achievement of 'What they are instead of' down to its raw beginnings. The piece will begin touring in 2012. Angela and Jared continue to collaborate with Dutch artist Rachel De Joode, Pictoplasma and others.
Gradinger/Schubot have begun teaching workshops that encourage young artists to translate thinking into physical formulations. They have led workshops in Dancehouse Melbourne, Gießen University, Mousonturn, throughout Finland including an artists laboratory/residency in Zodiak/HIAP Helsinki in collaboration with the Northwinds festival. In these workshops, they set out to encourage the artistic development of young artists, through undoing old habits and finding a way to translate thoughts/concepts into a physical practice. They encourage working towards a mutateable body that has the possibility to unfold in many ways and at the same time remain attentive to its shifting meaning.
Schubot and Gradinger plan to create 2 new works under one title 'les petites morts' at then end of 2012 in collaboration with HAU1/Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensaele Berlin, Sudpol Luzern and Les Grandes Traversees Bordeaux. The piece will continue their research of dissolving the 'I' and approach the concept of death as a means for the ultimate in unity.