In 2015 we developed a new practice for participants who wanted to commit to train regularly together with SMC, as a way of working more deeply together. Practice was held monthly at the Uferstudios. The idea is to gather different kinds of people (not exclusively artists) to come together to investigate interests and fears and build new relations in order to create new forms (personal forms) of exercising different social muscles. Each Practice is led by a guest host who provides a new question, or challenge, to explore collectively. The emphasis is less on learning from a master, but rather mastering together through shared practices: Cooking in silence, Ninja bodywork, Joan and Jackie Karaoke for example.

SMC has a dedication to continually question how art is related to society, how the individual is related to the group, and last but not least what is unconditional interest in the other human?
Our intention is to build a stronger sense of community while being conscious of our difficulties in doing so. 

When: a Tuesday of every month from 19:30 bis 22:30

Entrance free

@ Uferstudios / Uferstraße 8/23, 13357 Berlin

Are you interested in participating or being one of our guest trainers? Register at: