In 2015 SMC is beginning a new series. We are giving the club away to new curators who then themselves bring in new artists, enabling a bigger group of people to take part.

The Social Muscle Club is a forum for giving and taking from everyone for everyone, including spontaneous performance gifts from professionals and non-professionals. We all need something and have something to give. A hug? Advice? Money? Helping hands? Everything is possible! Let's train our giving muscles.

Social Muscle Club is a 'training program' to challenge our usual habits of thinking and doing. The club began as a private happening in a Berlin living room for eight people. It was inspired by a worker's club in Sheffield who had the goal of 'entertainment and social support'. After this beginning, the SMC began to research new forms of coming together in order to strengthen engagement, open new dialogue, and overcome isolation. These discoveries led to the goal of developing community and participative-based events in which art, especially performance-art, is used as a tool to bring people in contact with one another.

The club meets every other month in the Kantine of the Sophiensaele.