The Impossible Forest
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The Impossible Forest from Jared Gradinger on Vimeo.

My name is Jared Gradinger. I am an artist living in Berlin for the past 15 years and working in the contemporary dance and art scene. In my work I am searching for new and different ways of being together and finding unique contexts to live and share those discoveries. Recently, I have been exploring this theme inspired by nature and discovering gardening as a social practice.

My first foray into gardening started as a self funded project where i created a self-sustaining ecosystem intended to bring beauty and green life into the urban parking lot of the Uferstudios.
my current project ‘the Impossible Forest’ is a new garden project that will be created in the Ufer Studios in Wedding, a neighbourhood in Berlin, Germany.

The Uferstudios used to be where the street trams would be cleaned but now it is one of the centres for dance, creation and learning for the berlin dance and performance scene. The Uferstudios hosts local and international meetings of artistic and social networks and is the home to different festivals including Tanznacht Berlin
The Tanznacht is a biannual platform for dance-productions from berlin based choreographers and artists.

This year under the title of ‘companions’, the Tanznacht invited me to continue my research into nature as an artistic and social practice and create a new garden. I have proposed the concept of creating a forest of dead trees with the focus on developing a garden on the ’forest floor' that can be utilized, shared and experienced by the dance community and its audiences as well as the neighbors of Wedding who often pass through the complex. We call this garden the ‘Impossible Forest’.

Normally, forest floors are barren from plant life due to the amount of nutrients a tree needs to absorb from the soil. The trees also block out the sun and stunt the growth of most plants that attempt to grow there. But here, the floor will be host a wide array of local plantilife wild flowers, ferns, mosses, and other plants that are not commonly found underneath trees.

Some of the ground will be covered with a variety of grass alternatives which visitors will be able to sit and even walk on. The garden will also The dead trees themselves will be obtained through different sources around Berlin. They are trees that have been cut down for various reasons and will be repurposed for this public garden.

This will be a true community garden in every sense. we will involve the students as well as the Wedding and greater Berlin community in the preparation, planning, planting and implemeting of the garden. the space will be used for meeting, performances, meditation, picnicking and relaxing. To realise this new living space we need the support/help from YOU, our greater community.

We have raised half of the money needed in order to create this loving project. But unfortunately, gardens as social art are not so easily supported by the funding bodies.

this is where you come in. we are starting a kind of adoption program for the trees. we are looking for a proud parent to sponsor a tree in order for it to find its place in this impossible forest. we would love for you to take the initiative to help us to create this space to mirror the creative energy and life vitality of the Uferstudios.

For more information please contact me at jared.gradinger (@)