Grounded: Nature as a Social Practice part of the Social Muscle Club and Steve Heather

We used to be a part of a Nature dominated planet, however since the 1950's; due to the industrial revolution, the war machine and overpopulation, we have become a human dominated planet. This is not a 'bad thing', it just means that we need to create, from the ground up, new systems that support the current situation in order to refind the balance between man and nature. One way to do that is to begin to understand nature as something beyond beauty and food and shelter, to understand it as its own consciousness. How can we cultivate our understanding/belief that all things in nature have consciousness? How do we develop a consistent relationship with nature whilst living in an urban area? Is it actually possible to to communicate with Nature and learn from it?

During this evening, 30 of us gathered in the urban forest to experience a meditation encouraging the 'first steps' with Nature communication. We left a garden in our wake as well as guerrilla gardened our way home with seed bombs.


From Machaelle Small Wright (quoting Nature)

FORM: We consider reality to be in the form state when there is order, organization and life vitality [initiates action] combined with a state of consciousness. . . . We do not consider form to be only that which can be perceived by the five senses. In fact, we see form from this perspective to be extremely limited, both in its life reality and in its ability to function. We see form from the perspective of the five senses to be useful only for the most basic and fundamental level of identification. From this perspective, there is very little relationship to the full understanding and knowledge of how a unit or form system functions.?    All energy contains order, organization and life vitality; therefore, all energy is form. If one were to use the term "form" to identify that which can be perceived by the five senses and the word "energy" to refer to that aspect of an animal, human, plant or object's reality that cannot be readily perceived by the five senses, then one would be accurate in the use of these two words. However, if one were to use the word "form" to refer to that which can be perceived by the five senses and assume that form to be a complete unit of reality unto itself, and use the word "energy" to refer to a level beyond form, one would then be using these words inaccurately. From our perspective, form and energy create one unit of reality and are differentiated from one another solely by the individual's ability to perceive them with his or her sensory system. In short, the differentiation between form and energy within any given object, plant, animal or human lies with the observer.?    On the planet Earth, the personality, character, emotional makeup, intellectual capacity, strong points and gifts of a human are all form. They are that which gives order, organization and life vitality to consciousness.?    Order and organization are the physical structures that create a framework for form. In short, they define the walls. But we have included the dynamic of life vitality when we refer to form because one of the elements of form is action, and it is life vitality that initiates and creates action.

NATURE: In the larger universe and beyond, on its many levels and dimensions, there are a number of groups of consciousness that, although equal in importance, are quite different in expression and function. Together, they make up the full expression of the larger, total life picture. No one piece, no one expression, can be missing or the larger life picture on all its levels and dimensions will cease to exist. One such consciousness has been universally termed "nature." Because of what we are saying about the larger picture not existing without all of its parts, you may assume that nature exists as both a reality and a consciousness on all dimensions and all levels. It cannot be excluded.?    Each group of consciousness has an area of expertise. As we said, all groups are equal in importance but express and function differently from one another. These different expressions and functions are vital to the overall balance of reality. A truly symbiotic relationship exists among the groups and is based on balance — that is, universal balance. The human soul-oriented dynamic is evolution in scope and function. Nature is a massive, intelligent consciousness group that expresses and functions within the many areas of involution, that is, moving soul-oriented consciousness into any direction or level of form.?   Nature is the conscious reality that supplies order, organization and life vitality for this shift. Nature is the consciousness that is, for your working understanding, intimately linked with form. Nature is the consciousness that comprises all form on all levels and dimensions. It is form's order, organization and life vitality. Nature is first and foremost a consciousness of equal importance with all other groups of consciousness in the largest scheme of reality. It expresses and functions uniquely in that it comprises all form on all levels and dimensions and is responsible for and creates all of form's order, organization and life vitality.