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 Bärenzwinger Garden/Weaving Roots


With the onset of spring, the exhibition "Weaving Roots" with Jared Gradinger and Claudia Hill opens at the historic Bärenzwinger Gallery on 3/24/2022 from 6-9pm. "Weaving Roots" thereby brings together two artistic individuals and practices that explore the idea of the garden and its social function as a site of community building in different ways.

Weaving and rooting, interweaving and rooting are thereby experienced as concrete actions.
Jared Gradinger co-creates the permanent garden, which blooms and thrives on the outdoor terraces of the Bärenzwinger. In collaboration with nature as a partner, choreographer Jared Gradinger creates a participatory place for development, participation and transformation.
Artist and designer, Claudia Hill brings a 125-year-old high loom for picture weaving to the Bear Kennel. The loom acts as a social sculpture, a playground for networking and thus not only as a production instrument of textile material, but above all as a physical means of communication.

Bärenzwinger Gallery

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