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Gardens are a place to work directly with Nature. Gardens create living spaces. Gardens are transformation; a place to watch things grow and die and grow again and die. Gardens are a place to share, a place to gather, an invitation to non human beings like insects, birds, microbes, animals and elementals. Gardens grow our notion of reality. Gardens expand our consciousness. Gardens are a place to rest, a place to die, a place to work. Gardens heal. Gardens are a place to learn, a place to be taught, a place to share. Gardens teach you about intuition and how to think from your gut. Gardens teach you about form, about force, about the unseens, about balance and flux. Gardens are multidimensional. Gardens are not just made with plants. Gardens are providers, receivers, good listeners, friends. They can be loud and have a lot to say. Gardens are memories. They are dreams, they are the future. Gardens are homes, planets, biotopes, microclimates, islands, families. Gardens are protecters and defenders, conversation starters and conversation enders. Gardens offer another time. They create sense. They are portals to the heart of the earth. Gardens tell you what they need. Gardens change. Gardens teach you about the 5 senses. Gardens teach you about beyond the 5 senses. They teach you about borders, about the planets and the stars, about timing, transformation and dedication. Gardens teach you about reality.
Since 2012, I have been working with co-creative gardening: working in partnership with Nature to create ‘balanced’ intentional, specialized spaces or projects. These gardens have taken the form of performances, rituals, workshops, music and physical gardens.

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