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The School of Lost Knowledge is a long-term co-creative encounter with the  community of Coqui,Colombia. This project is in collaboration with Organizmo, and the Museum of lost Knowledge in Coqui. Inspired by a 2019 stay, funded by the Goethe-Institute Colombia, 'School of Lost Knowledge' is devised on Nature and site-specific needs to cultivate the community's nature-enabled autonomy. "School of Lost Knowledge" centers around mutual learning from Nature´s inherent intelligence and local ancestral knowledge. Tender touches, co-creative gardening, plant music, eco-architecture and sustainable, empowering education apply.


Organizmo, a centre for regenerative strategies and education in Colombia, invited the artists Gradinger/Schubot to co-create and develop a "School of Lost Knowledge" in one of their main community projects in Coquí, on the Pacific coast of Colombia in 2022 and 2023. Together they want to revitalise local knowledge and reconnect to working Nature Intelligences; creating the basis for self- empowerment of the community. For both, it is of fundamental importance to put the way of imparting knowledge at the service of local, communal needs instead of transforming it through generalized knowledge. That implies artistic practices that install regenerative structures, ritual-performances and above all start new paradigms of learning by introducing a form of education and co-creation between people and Nature.

Co-produced by Goethe Co-Production Fund, HAU, Goethe Institute Colombia, Organizmo and Gradinger/Schubot.

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