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During the course of the Moving in November festival, the fungi hut will host various offers from the team of human and nonhuman collaborators. Together they will experiment with ways of living in the symbiocene infused with life; fungi, human presences, and regenerative practices. Bodies will share a moment of falling into the sky. A piano will be played by mushrooms. A shelf will be inhabited by a friend of the fungi, and multilingual voices will echo from the four directions.

The fungi hut is a co-created living being, dedicated to the queendom of fungi which now resides in the wooden structures of the hut, the logs, the piano as well as the soil. The hut has traveled from Pomarkku to Tenhola, during a process of regenerative practices. The fungi are both invited and inoculated, as well as wild-grown. In June 2022 the hut was placed in the Stoa square, and a mushroom garden was grown with the intention to offer the fungi a space to thrive. The garden installation will be transformed into a space that will be open to the public for various forms of encounters. The hut is an invitation to witness life forms unfolding in ways that we stand alongside, acknowledging unseen processes happening on other timescales.

Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot offer a durational performance of embodied and musical mushroom encounters in collaboration with Stefan Rusconi who plays the hut as a hybrid instrument, together with fungi, soil, robot arms, human listening, and prepared piano. They are also joined by long-term ally Shelley Etkin, who leans towards the voices beyond language, tracking articulations that have emerged through communicative processes.

With and from: Jared Gradinger, Angela Schubot, Alm Gnista, Shelley Etkin, Stefan Rusconi
In Co-Creation with: The soil, The moisture, The fungi (inoculated: Turkey tail, Reishi, Birch Polypore, The Hoof Fungus, The Coral Tooth fungus, The Bitter Oyster and others), The moss, The lichen, The stones, The plants, The pine, The spruce, The birch, The glow in the dark, The underground, The unseen
Production Assistant: Riikka Lakea
Produced by: Schubot/Gradinger in close collaboration with Moving in November
Residencies: Moving in November
Supported by: Konstsamfundet
Special thanks to: Javier Mansilla, Laetitia Cañete, Görkem Yücesoy, Aune Kallinen

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