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Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot's topic is the debordering of the body. The starting point is the search for an unconditional togetherness to escape from one’s own identity. From 2009 until 2013, they have created 4 full length works circling around the dissolution of the self and the questions: What lies beyond intimacy? How can we live other forms of co-existence? Fluently the pieces melt into each other: The relentless exhaustion of the „I“ in order to make it disappear in „what they are instead of“ (2009) becomes the symbiotic, faceless hybrid-creature in „is maybe“ (2012), becomes a „dying together“ as the ultimate impossibility of being together in „i hope you die soon“ (2013), becomes a double-creature that dies for a third, for artist Aleesa Cohene, in „all my holes are theirs“ (2013).


In 2014 Gradinger/Schubot presented the whole cycle of their work in the week long retrospective festival „soon you are theirs“ at Hebbel am Ufer/Berlin and created two new works for that festival: the darkness-breathing piece „soon you are theirs-remix“ and the bondage piece „soon you are theirs- sacrifice“ in collaboration with bondage artist Dasniya Sommer and electronic musician and singer Leyland Kirby.


The desire to acknowledge and interact with non-human beings and to open up their unconditional togetherness to the non-human realm brought Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot into a deep immersion with plant nature. Together with Nature Consciousness, Beech, Clover, Echivarea,  Fern, Oak, Moss, Mugwort, Stinging Nettle and Yew they co-created the two pieces „YEW“ and „YEW:outside“ in 2018 in collaboration with sound gardener Stefan Rusconi. These two pieces are the beginning of their cycle „The Nature of Us“ that connects Gradinger’s artistic work on garden installations and Schubot’s interaction with healing processes and plant medicines into a new movement language. The third piece of that cycle called „The Nature of Us“ is the first group piece of the artist duo and premiered in February 2019 at Hau2, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin. With the aim of initiating a change in collective consciousness, this new choreography by Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot in conjunction with five human and ten plant performers is a sensitive plea for the dissolution of the human-nature dichotomy. Under the title „The Nature of Us: outside“ this piece will be developed for an outdoor setting in 2020.

In spring 2019 Gradinger and Schubot adapted their duet „YEW:outside“ for kids from 3 years old and up. The piece YEW:kids, commissioned by Theater o.N., offers very young children intensive and interactive encounters with plant nature.

In April 2019 their first piece „What their are instead of“ celebrated it´s 10 anniversary. As a celebration their expanded this duet by teaching it to a group of HZT students of the BA „Dance, Context, Choreography“ in Berlin. Together with them they created a landscape of radical dedication to the other through breath and body.

Gradinger/Schubot´s work has been presented throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East and Australia, in many different contexts, often combined with teaching and research.

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