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An 'impossible forest' grows on the asphalt yard of the Uferstudios. In collaboration with Nature and various humans, choreographer Jared Gradinger creates a participatory place for development, participation and transformation. Between dead trees and growing plants, the Impossible Forest forms a social choreography in which human and Nature meet and where attention can be directed towards the cycles of blossoming and decay.
‘The Impossible Forest is a sculpture, with movement both perceptible and
imperceptible. Created in March 2016, The Impossible Forest is unfolding, unfinished –
moving between decay and growth, it’s a circle both physically and metaphorically, and
one that strongly affects and changes the environment and ecology of the Ufer Studios.
There are connections and cycles through to the body, bones, organic matter, exchange,
states of living.
The porosity of the garden to the immediate environment, to the passing traffic both
human and non-human, and the presence of it on the routes of the neighbourhood is an

essential part of the vitality, of the proposal. It’s an art and nature inter species social
process. The watering created pools in the small valleys in the sandy soil. As I left a
blackbird was preening in the golden hour, post-bathe on a tree branch. Without the
garden, that event would not have happened.’ Sue Palmer WCMT Fellow

A garden co-created with Nature and in collaboration with Silke Bake. Made possible by the
cooperation of many helpers, realized in the context of Tanznacht Berlin 2016, supported by the
Bezirksamt Mitte from Berlin, the Tanzfabrik Berlin, the Uferstudios Gesellschaft and many
donors. Co-produced by nature. The construction and building work was carried out by Andreas
Doletzki, Groß Kreutz.

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