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Shannon Cooney

Fluid Resilience shares the subtle and amplified connection of water in Nature through a lens of socio-ecological Resilience, in the processes of reconnecting to the biosphere.

↪ Taking inspiration from Resilience theory and practice
↪ Imbued with dance research in the Fluid Body; Infused by decades of curiosity, wonder, and awe with it’s complexity, movement and consciousness
↪ Complex Adaptive Social-Ecological System theory as a score
↪ Practice of the movement of the fluids of the body, moving the body
↪ Earth’s water shapes and forms land, embodied: its precarity, preciousness, vitality and resilience
↪ The sound of water, light movement with water: An installation space to expand the intimate, and expose the dynamic connective Nature of water
↪ We are essentially water
↪ Water is essential

Concept, choreography, performance: Shannon Cooney | Co-creative performers: Jared Gradinger, Sigal Zouk | Dramaturge: Igor Dobricic | Sound: Marla Hlady | Light: Emese Csornai  | Dress: Nina Gundlach | Biologist/Resilience Practitioner: Allyson Quinlan | Production Manager: Diego Nawrath | Co-Operative producer: Tanzfabrik-Berlin, Canada Council for the Arts, Dance Ireland damhsa éireann, Singular Plurality

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