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Legacy Garden: Tanz Kongress 2019: A Long Lasting Affair...This garden was created in the historic Golgi Park at Hellerau in Dresden, Germany, createdwithin the frame of TanzKongress, curated by Meg Stuart. The garden is multiplicitous as allgardens are. This being created as something planted in the moment of creative encounters,with the intention to grow and spread, just like the exchanged experiences and encounters thathappened during the year over the week in June 2019. It started as a prayer for those whocouldn’t be with us, a gift to the unseens, an excavation of lost elements. With organisation andform on our side, we were gifted countless plants from a neighbour who had been taking care ofher parents garden. This garden was over 50 years old and she needed to move on. She calledus and offered as many plants as we wanted to be planted in the back of Hellerau, where shefrequents. This is her legacy, her parents legacy and now our legacy; all of those (and therewere a lot) who opened the space, collected stones, planted the seeds and plant beings. Theintention for this garden was simmering for over one year and was materialised in only 2 days.With Jan Theurich, Jana Baskau, Roberto Martinez, Stefan Rusconi and others

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